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We’ll spend spare hours in an educative prospect with a creative impressions. We offer Fun and Creativity in an educational and safe environment. At the base of Kids&Art theory there is an educational approach that empowers youth to improve their leadership and creative problem-solving skills while building self confidence and other tools for positive self expression. The charm of the creation through work aspect gives them an opportunity to discover that every object created is unique and is as unique we are as people. Our main task is also to help them gain confidence in their abilities.

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The importance of artistic heritage can be summarized in the ability to integrate prior knowledge with new skills, inspiring the users to be good citizens. In particular Contemporary Art allows the use of use paradigms and models derived from the art world also in other contexts. Our main focus is not to create “artists”. The goal of these laboratories is to implement that the greater importance isn’t the product itself but the process that led to the finished product. Children will work in groups and no special skills are required. The time spent during the workshops is fun and the result is not important. What is mostly important is the process, collaborations and techniques learned and experienced.

Each workshop will follow the program below:

  1. Introduction – name tag creation
  2. Story reading / video projection
  3. Creative activity (laboratory)
  4. Free play time (supervised) / Story reading / Video animation. Taking pictures of the art work made and finalization of the work that the kids will take home.


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List of workshops available
Kids&Art meet the artist:
– Van Gogh- Mirò

– Dalì

– Rembrandt

– Monet

Kids&Art nature:

– Trees

– Stars

– Dream’s house

Kids&Art recycling and reinventing:

– Food-Art

– workshop PastaFrolla

– Book

The activities are flexible and they can variate for the different circumstances (specific characteristics and topics considered, children’s ages and available time). There will be always a second playful option for younger kids and kids who are not yet interested. Everybody will go home with something to remember the experience. In the case of digital works (as all the pictures of the art pieces made during the workshops), they will be published in the blog KidsAndArt (

Project ideation and realization:

Celeste Mangani

Educator and graduate of Pedagogy in the University of Bologna, Italy.  Expert in cultural heritage and environmental education. Museum education assistant in the Educational Department of MAMbo (Modern Art Museum in Bologna). Previous occupation as an educator in summer school and youth education during summer holidays. Provided childcare and social assistance for the disabled (3 years experience as social operator for “la Rosa Blu”, holiday’s organization for people with disabilities). Creator of the blog StreetAndArt and founder of the children’s project Kids&Art.

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