Children Library: “The London Jungle Book”, Bhajju Shyam

bhajju-shyam-02Children Library collection: “The London Jungle Book”, Bhajju Shyam

Bhajju Shyam’s London Jungle Book, published by Tara Publishing has made him a household name in many countries. His book reflects his reactions responses to the cultural experience of London, which he interprets in the Gondi style. 

This stunning visual travelogue by an Indian tribal artist turns a modern metropolis into an exotic bestiary. Bhajju Shyam, from the Gond tribe in central India, was invited to London years ago to paint the interiors of a chic Indian restaurant. With radical innocence and great sophistication, Bhajju records his experiences and observations showing a modern city as you’ve never seen it before—the London Underground becomes a giant earthworm, Big Ben merges with a massive rooster, and English people are shown as bats that come out to play at night. It is rare to encounter a truly original vision that is capable of startling us into reexamining familiar sights. By breathing the ancient spirit of wonder back into the act of travel, The London Jungle Book does just that.

Bhajju Shyam is one of the finest living artists of the Gond tribe in central India. Intricate and colorful, Bhajju’s work is well known throughout India and has been exhibited in the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, and Russia. From the walls of his tribal village home to international acclaim, Bhajju’s has been an incredible creative journey.

“A beautiful book. I would like to give it to everyone I love when they are traveling by choice or necessity.”—John Berger


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